TOP 10 Most Romantic Place To Go On Honeymoon

5. Hawaii


 Hawaii is the most popular destination among honeymooners, especially Americans. Hawaii can offer the most romantic and beautiful vacation you can ever imagine.

Oahu Island is suitable for honeymooners, who prefer to have active fun. Shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are all here in abundance. You can visit historical places (Pearl Harbor or The Polynesian Cultural Centre) famous Waikiki area or the northern part of the island, which attracts surfers.

Maui  – the second most popular after Oahu due to its wonderful beaches. This magical island is perfect for honeymooners looking for romance and natural beauty. You can admire the sunrise at Haleakala and understand why it is called a “house of the sun”, enjoy a stroll along the coastal region of Lahaina and relax on the beach.
Hawaii is a paradise on earth, which is created for you.

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